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One of the earliest forms of soccer in which players kicked a ball around on a small field has been traced as far back to 1004 B.C. in Japan. The Munich Ethnological Museum in Germany has a Chinese text from approximately 50 B.C. that mentions games very similar to soccer that were played between teams from Japan and China. The Chinese kicked a leather ball ( hair-filled ) and it is known with certainty that a soccer game was played in 611 A.D. in the then Japanese capital, Kyoto.

The Romans played a game that somewhat resembled modern soccer. The early Olympic games in Rome featured twenty-seven men on a side who completed so vigorously that two-thirds of them had to be hospitalized after a fifty-minute game.

While historians kept records of events such as wars and religious movements they had very little interest in preserving the various origins of soccer or many other sports, so no one can say how soccer seems to have spread from Asia to Europe.  (Athletic )

Soccer rules can be difficult to understand. Simplified soccer rules that are easier to understand and links to the official soccer rules. You can find the "Laws of the Game" at (on the FIFA Home Page enter "Laws" in the search feature). The official soccer rules are often modified by youth, women's and recreational leagues.

Soccer rules for fouls, offside, soccer field terms and soccer age rules are described on

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